What I know now……

I have learned a few things in the last day, especially about blogs and technology. Most of the things that I learned in class about blogs, decision-making, choices, information vs. knowledge, I already knew. However, after class I became much more aware of those types of things.

There are an overwhelming amount of decisions to be made daily. These decisions can range for easy ones like “What am I going to eat for breakfast?” or “Should I wake up now?”. To hard ones such as “Should I stay in the relationship I’m in now?” or “Am I making the right choices to move to Falls Church?”. I even made the choice to advise my friend on how or should he propose to the girl he’s with. Decisions rule our world today.

The way that I tend to make decisions are weighing all of my options and carefully considering the outcomes. I try to use a scientific approach and remove a lot of the feeling. However, I am an eternal optimist and romantic. I’ve made literally hundreds of decisions in the past 24hrs. and I’m sure I’ll make a hundred more before the day is over.



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