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Me at the Mambo Room's annual CHKD Dance-A-Thon.  I was runner up in donations!
Me at the Mambo Room’s annual CHKD Dance-A-Thon. I was runner up in donations!
UPDATE!! UPDATE!! UPDATE!! (At bottom)
My name is Jennifer Bennison. I am a senior at Old Dominion University. My major is Chemistry with a license in education. That basically means I’ll graduate with a B.S. in Chemistry and a license to teach in Virginia in Fall 2013. I decided to go to college at ODU because I was stationed in the Norfolk area when I was in the Navy. When I got out, it made sense at the time to stay in the area and go to college.

After I graduate from college, I plan on staying in Falls Church, up by D.C. I’ll be teaching there or looking for a chemistry lab job. Either way, I am excited for what the future holds.

During this class I hope to gain a better grasp of the current types and uses of technology. I hope to offer a different perspective in the class. I have the unique opportunity to be in the generation that is neither native to technology or is scared of technology.

My claim to fame is: One day I was on my way to the oceanfront boardwalk with my friend, Bobby, to see the Zac Brown band and Gary Allan play a concert. However, we were running late. So we were walking down the practically deserted street when Gary Allan’s tour bus drove by and Gary Allan himself leaned out the window and waved directly at me. I almost swooned.

I hope that anyone who reads this is able to gain something out of this blog.

Thanks for reading,

I have not yet graduated from college. Due to a series of unfortunate events (and they are always unfortunate events) I will be graduating December 2014. I am currently applying and looking for jobs in my career field of chemistry and education. I am a long-term substitute and have taught in my own classroom for almost 3 quarters. I love teaching more than anything. I have two terrorist cats named Tesla (after Nikola Tesla) and Issac (after Issac Newton). I am living in Northern Virginia. This blog will be a chronical of my life and hopefully sage advice.


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  1. Nice work! I definitely like your viewpoint about the perspective you plan to bring to class. It’ll definitely be helpful to have a group of students who experience the world in different ways.

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