I’m back

So, after an incredible summer in 2013, followed by an extremely busy fall semester student teaching, and a stint as a long term substitute for two different classes, I finally have some thoughts and the time to put them down. I am currently applying for a full time job in my career field, either as a chemist or as a teacher.



Finally, an assignment of my choosing. And I chose CHEMISTRY!!!

So, my professor finally asked us to do a post about something we like in our professional paths. I am a chemistry major with a minor in education. Which means, I love chemistry. I not only love it, I am slightly obsessed. So, I have spent nothing less than hours looking over cool chemistry things to post for everyone to read and be excited about. So, I am posting about how recently chemists have been able to photograph chemical bonds breaking and forming. This is nothing short of amazing and I’m sure it will completely change the face of chemistry, especially organic chemistry, in no time. And my second link is going to be about graphene. Which is the strongest material in the world. And here’s the coolest part of all: graphene is the material that chemists were able to photograph forming bonds!!! I know, it completely blows my mind as well.

Please, for the love of chemistry and science, feel free to post links or comments of your own exciting finds.

Chemical Bonds