24 Hour Media Fast……

This weekend I was asked as part of an assignment for my class to refrain from all media, technology, and information for 24 hours. I could pick when to start and some ground rules were established. We were not allowed to read books, watch tv, movies, talk on the phone, play on the phone, text, facebook, instagram, etc. I decided to start my fast on Saturday afternoon. I had finished making all of my plans for the next 24 hours, informed all people of my disappearance, and caught up on my homework. I was ready, although most of my friends were skeptical. Little did I know that time passes much more slowly and activities get to be much quicker when you don’t have outside influences to distract you. My roommate was out of town, so I cleaned the entire house top to bottom. I finally got around to setting my alarm clock (I had previously been using it as a decoration since getting a cell phone), cleaning out my makeup bag (YUCK!!), and doing some sewing. I went out dancing, but got there too early. I had forgotten what time it started. On Sunday I couldn’t seem to sleep in and the first thing I did was grab my cell phone to check out everything that was going on. Thankfully I was awake enough to realize what I was doing and put down my phone. Some of my friends thought I was ignoring them over the weekend. And I had a hard time not responding to people. Some things were hard to give up like texting and phone calls. But a lot of things got easier to give up over time like facebook. Overall I’m glad that I was able to participate in this challenge. It helped me realize how attached to my phone I really am. So now I’m trying to cut back and realign my priorities.